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Bespoke window designs

Bespoke window designs

Everybody’s different: from our finger-prints and dress-sense, to our sense of humor and taste in music. Equally, even houses that are built to look identical have the potential to become unique - especially when given the CRK treatment!

At CRK there’s no such thing as one-size-fits all. Of course, some companies who buy their windows off-shelf won’t have the flexibility to adapt their designs to individual customers’ needs but with CRK the opposite is true. For us, every glazing project is as individual as the customer.

For 40 years we’ve designed, manufactured and installed all our windows in-house. This means that when you choose CRK you choose flexibility, creativity and no limits; whether that’s a round, oval, diamond or even star shaped window. Oh, and if you’ve snapped an unusual shaped-window out-and-about or on Pinterest, show us. We love a challenge!

So, what about colour? We have a choice of 20 standard colours for the frames or if you really want to get creative you can choose from a rainbow of thousands of bespoke shades.

Frame sorted? The choice doesn’t stop there! With CRK you have the option to tailor your glass too. Renovating a 1930/20s house? Why not consider leaded lights? Georgian bars bring out the best in period properties, or if you want something really special, we highly recommend our new Brilliant Cut windows which are engraved inside the cavity of the sealed doubled-glazed units, giving them a beautiful light-reflecting, brilliant diamond finish.

If you really want to make a statement why not get artistic and commission a stained-glass window? When it comes to design, the only limit is your imagination and we have some great case studies if you need inspiration! In the right setting stain glass windows can be a great feature and add real personality to your home.

While we love getting creative, we also realise that in some cases nothing beats a classic design. If a standard rectangle window is all you’re after, rest assured that with CRK all glazing will be built from scratch, with the highest quality materials and workmanship.

Why not give the team a call on 01442 244200 for a no-obligation quote or to arrange an appointment? You can also get an online quote here