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Bi-Folding, Sliding and French Doors; making the right choice for your home

Bi-Folding, Sliding and French Doors

With spring almost in the air, it’s natural to want to open up your home and embrace outdoor living.

If you’ve been considering adding Bi-Folding, Sliding or French doors to your home, now’s the time to do it; there’s still time to catch that first alfresco meal or drink of the season!

Bi-folding doors have become the go-to choice for indoor/outdoor living, but it’s worth considering all the options before you decide what’s right for your house. Bi-Folding, Sliding and French Doors all add light and a sense of space, but each have their own benefits and features. Here’s our take on each option;

Bi-Folding Doors
  • Create a contemporary look, internally AND externally
  • Allow you to replace an entire wall with glass, with an opening that stretches over 90% of the wall
  • Maximise the fresh air and natural light flow in your home
  • Maximise the view; our doors are the slimmest available
  • The only thing to bear in mind is that when the doors are closed the panes break-up the view slightly
Sliding Doors
  • Are now back in fashion
  • Allow you to replace an entire wall with glass
  • Maximise the view when the doors are closed. (Sliding doors have less panels than Bi-folds)
  • Can have multiple sliding panels; a two panel door with one or both panels sliding, a three panel door on a triple track with two doors sliding behind a fixed panel, a four panel door with panels sliding open from the centre or a four panel door on a quadruple track with doors to sliding flush behind each other.
  • On the flip side, part of the view remains behind glass at all times.
French Doors

These are very different to Bi-Folds and Sliding Doors and are a good choice when:

  • You have a traditional house and want to match traditional windows
  • You want to let in more light without losing much wall space
  • You want a lower-cost option
  • The only thing to bear in mind is that French Doors don’t open as wide as Bi-folding or Sliding Doors so the views aren’t as clear or far-reaching
With all this choice, it’s lucky we’re here to make the decision easier! Please pop into our showroom for more information & to see all of the options on display.

Whatever option you’re considering, when you choose CRK you can be confident that:

  • We design, manufacture and install all our own doors so our solutions are bespoke to your needs.
  • We offer value for money – you’ll be surprised how competitive our products work out.
  • All our work comes with a 10-year guarantee
So, what are you waiting for? Call the team now on 01442 244200 and let’s get your house summer-ready!